Who do you trust?

Posted by Tomi on September 20, 2009

Sometime ago, I heard this story some about a family on a cruise. In the middle of their voyage long after their departure from their homeland, with neither ship nor land in sight, a storm broke out.

The troubled sea tossed and turned their ship around like a toy. Huge waves of water, swept over the mast of the ship tearing the sails. The winds roared and the gray skies seemed relentless, it poured and poured with rain threatening the safety of the ship.

In a corner of the ship, a mother sat wailing while her young son slept.  Soon the little boy was awakened by his mother’s wail.

“Mother  why do you weep?” he asked in a sleepy voice.

“You’ve been asleep” replied his mother “That’s why you do not know. There is a storm and we’ll drown if no help comes”.

“Is father still on the ship?” the little boy asked with an innocent voice

“Yes” the mother answered and while she still wondered what this has got to do with what she had said, the little boy went back to sleep.  Mother waited for his boy to explain or ask another question but instead, she heard a tiny snore. The surprised mother roused him up and asked “Did you hear what I said about the storm?”


“Do you understand?” Her brow was in a crease and her eyes were wide.

"“Yes.  We could drown”

“Why then are you still sleeping. Aren’t you scared?” her eyes grew even larger and her brows almost touched her hairline.

"No I am not afraid. you said father is on the ship.  I can sleep because he wouldn’t  allow us to perish" he replied.

Here is what I learned from the story.  So deep was that boy’s faith in his father that he felt no need to be afraid. This made me ask myself who do I trust in? Do I trust in my own abilities or do I depend on man? Asking those questions, I am reminded of the Israelites and the Egyptians. The Holy Spirit also reminded me of Psalm 20:7.  What I realized is that if I have my faith deeply rooted in God, the fury of any storm cannot shake me. But how can I achieve this?

Galatians 5:22-23 lists the fruit of the spirit and right along with others “Faith” was included. This means that I should ask first for God’s spirit and allow him to take pre-eminence I must not in any way grieve him for this wouldn’t only mean Him staying away from me. It will also mean lack of faith and who knows? It could be as bad as being carried away by the storm for me. With faith, I learn to trust God and if I trust God, I will not be moved Psalm 21:7

So who do you trust?


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The Deadliest Snake

Posted by Tomi on September 13, 2009

I had an interesting discussion with a friend once about snakes. Ordinarily at the sight of a human, snakes run because they are as scared of us as we are of them.  However, if a snake notices any form of attack, instead of running, it attacks.   One of the snakes we talked about was the black mamba, the world’s deadliest snake. 

Here are some quick facts about the black mamba,

This snake is located in Africa and is colored dark olive or a dark brown color with black spotting along its back. The Black Mamba has the longest fangs of any snake and when strikes it delivers quick multiple bites and flees. This snake’s venom is a cardio toxin and a fully grown Black Mamba can deliver 100mg to 120mg. A lethal dose of a cardio toxin to a human is 10mg to 15mg. A human has up to four hours to live after one is bitten.

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As an addendum to that, here’s what I learnt about the mamba growing up in Nigeria: when it attacks, the black mamba delivers quick multiple bites and doesn’t stop biting the victim until it observes that there is no more movement.

According to my friend, the mamba delivers the multiple bites because it is a very scared animal. I guess it is so because if one is bitten by a snake, the response would be for you to attack it in return. The Black mamba probably knows this so he’s trying to preempt his victim. Just think about it, the thought that they could be clubbed to death would scare any human and given the chance, they would by any means try to defend themselves.  In the same way, the black mamba in its bid to defend itself, continues to strike until its sure you’re unable to attack it anymore – signified by the lack of movement which shows total weakness – the enemy has been defeated! right?

That day, the Lord ministered to me that Satan is exactly like that mamba.  Once he gets hold of you he won’t let go of you until you are either dead or until he’s rendered you too weak to move.  It’s like this, if he gets the chance to attack you first, if there is nothing to prevent him from slipping in and attacking first, like that snake, he will continually strike at you because he wants you stuck at that place of attack unable to move towards your weapon, unable to strike back at him. He knows that if you should succeed in getting a weapon, he’s in total trouble, since you would render him useless in your case, totally defeated. So he gives you no breathing space and he doesn’t stop until you are no longer a threat to him

The reason the devil does this is because he’s scared. He seeks more people each and everyday to join him in hell  so he fights each day for each soul. He’s scared that once you find God, you’ll get the weapon against him and then he has lost the battle over you. So he strikes with different kinds of challenges, trying to keep you too busy to find God.  He tries all his possible best to continually prevent your movement in the right direction, by keeping you focused on all other things but God.

The only way we can defend ourselves is to be watchful in order that we might be able to strike him before he has a chance to strike at us.  This means we have to be close to God every single second.  Our only victory is in Jesus who is able to give us the victory over all the devil’s strikes (tribulations, frustration, distress, whatever the enemy might challenge us with  Romans 8:35-37.

God will provide every weapon needed  to handle the biggest and deadliest human enemy who is not after the death of our body but our soul.

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When Life Happens

Posted by Tomi on September 6, 2009

“Never say this can never happen to me” preached the Senior pastor in church today. His sermon was  about how easy it was to fall into sin but half way through his sermon, something he said triggered a memory from about twelve years ago and  it was all I could think of for the rest of the service. What the sermon brought back to mind was  another setting, another message and another pastor.

“When Life happens, how do we find time for God?”

“Dealing with the daily demands of our life, how do we spend quality time with God?”

These were the questions a visiting minister had been invited discuss with the graduating students in my fellowship that semester as they prepared for their final exams.

“Thinking about your bills or the boss at work, worrying about your spouse or a sick child, all these can engulf your mind so much that the last thing you think about is sometimes God”

How tough can it be to take 10 or 15 minutes out of your day to spend with God? I wondered that day as he explained how the hurried pace of our daily lives after college often makes it difficult for us to spend time with God. It all sounded silly to me but now that I think back on it, that pastor’s message was based on years of experience and maturity. Why did it seemed ridiculous to me at the time?  Why not?  I was a undergraduate student, no spouse or children to worry over. I didn’t even have to worry about my tuition or living expenses, all was taken care of by my parents, I lived in an apartment at my uncles house, he took care of all the bills and so I didn’t have to worry about that either so how could i  ever have been able to fathom this ridiculous idea that life after school was going to be any different? As far as I was concerned, the most important thing was getting a good job and once that was taken care of, everything else was bound to fall into place. Well I was later to find out that that kind of thinking was nothing but the rumblings of an immature mind.  Now over 10 years later, looking back in retrospect, i find cannot argue with that minister’s rationalization. Instead I find myself wishing that I had listened better to his admonitions and advice.

Life after college has indeed been on the fast pace.  With work, marriage and parenting, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do all I have to do.  Being a stay at home mom, you would think that i have all the time in the world to do much. But between running errands when the children are in school and being a writer, the 24 hours of a day seem to fly by too fast.

After dropping the children off at school in the morning, I just have enough time to do my grocery shopping or pick up laundry before i have to turn around and pick the babies up from preschool. Then we go home to get lunch and right after lunch, it’s back to school to pick my kindergartener up.  The younger ones are in school only a few days in the week, so I don’t have much time in which I am by myself. I’m sure most parents would agree with me that getting anything done while the kids are up and about is tough so the only time I can really do anything is after I get them into bed. Between finishing up on my writing, and getting the stuff for the next day ready, I barely have enough free time.  A lot of times, i breeze through my prayers and read the passage for the day on Bible Gateway.  But I discovered that I am tired, cranky and impatient most of the time and mentally, physically but most of all spiritually, I feel drained, because I am not spending enough time as I should getting refreshed from the fountain of life.

Reflecting on this, I begin to understand why in Mathew 14:23 and Mathew 26:36, Jesus took time apart by Himself to pray. It was a time for Him to refresh.  He was in the human body just like us so just like us, He needed  time for replenishment of His physical and spiritual strength thus he went apart by Himself to avoid distractions and eliminate interruptions.   It is indeed essential that despite the “business” of our lives, we must find time for ourselves (our me time) a time set aside for us to refresh.  Most families take a vacation in the summer for this very reason.  We need to remember that each one of us needs that time alone not just for our physical health but also for our spiritual health and so we have to try to find it.  It may be as simple as having your spouse watch the kids for a few minutes in the day to get that alone time. It may also be scheduling for a sitter to come in once a week or once a month for a few hours. You are the only one that can identify what works for you. But whatever it is, we need to remember that when life happens and responsibilities increase, it isn’t time to be away from God. It is the time that we need Him more. He is the only one that “gives us the strength to do all things” Philippians 4:13 and with Him by our side, even the mountains of responsibilities the challenges of out lives thrust in our laps each day will “melt like wax” Psalm 97:5

Think of it this way, “When life happens, to really progress, we need quality time with God”.

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Running the race

Posted by Tomi on August 16, 2009

I’ve often heard it said and I’ve read it in the Bible countless times as well “the race is not to the swift nor is the battle to the strong” yet I can’t say I ever understood the meaning of that phrase until that particular day about 12 years ago perhaps it’s better put this way that it’s meaning never had an impact until that day!

Back in High school I was a sprinter and my second year, I was chosen to represent my “house” in the 200m race for the inter-house sports competition.  I was competing against three other girls from the remaining three houses.  There we were, all four of us at the beginning of racetrack when “boom” the gun cracked and we went off like lightning, in a cloud of dust. But as we raced along the track, one of the other sprinters crossed into my lane and I in the bid to avoid colliding with her, made for the empty lane. Unfortunately for me, although other sprinter’s detour was unnoticed, mine had been and despite the fact that I arrived second at the tape, I was placed last. Why! Because I changed lanes, I was told this to the judges was considered to be cheating.

I was furious and frustrated.  I tried to explain what had happened but my explanations fell on deaf ears. The other girl despite my pleas to her to tell the truth simply stood there mute and none of the other sprinters and students who had witnessed the event wanted anything to do with it because they didn’t want to offend the intimidating housemaster who was also a teacher at the school. You see, everyone feared for their grades so just watched as this housemaster from the girl’s stood by the judges to defend her case.  I later discovered that housemaster had seen everything go down but as he was more interested in having his house win the competition for the year he would rather uphold a lie anyway that story my friends is for another day. 

There I stood alone without anyone to defend my case my housemistress who had not seen what happened also believed that I had done wrong so she distanced herself from the judges table and forbade anyone to come to my aid.  What was perhaps most frustrating for me was the fact that the offending athlete was placed before me in line.  In fact smiling, she was led to my rightful post  while I cried for the injustice that had been done and the lack of faith in me by my house.

Now back to how I began this story, about college and fellowship a few years after the incident described;  That day as I sat in the fellowship, listening to that reading of Ecclesiastes 9:11, the Holy Spirit took my mind back to that episode and the Lord ministered a message to me from it.

Life is indeed a racetrack and sometimes, we find other people crossing into our lanes then in a bid to conform to what we consider the right and safest things to do (our own ideals), we find ourselves changing lanes.  Some days, we find ourselves arriving earlier at the tape (a goal) than we normally should have and we start to rejoice.  But the truth is that we cheated.

Look at it from this viewpoint, in crossing lanes, you’ll be disturbing some other sprinter from being swift for they have to slow down their pace that second you’re crossing to allow you pass.  Meanwhile, you’re busy increasing your momentum.

Here is what this means in terms of the Christian race:

Many times, we Christians forget ourselves basking in the so-called “Christianity liberty” so that we go too far afield doing things the world generally “considers” the normal and ideal thing to do and not in what the Bible actually declares as right. We have every reason to excuse ourselves, after all is it not  "the normal thing" that is expected of anyone in such a situation? What we forget unfortunately, is that other people are watching us. There are often new believers and even unbelievers who have no other Bible but us to read who are looking at our examples trying to learn what they are to do.  Yet as they look we make Christianity so complex and difficult to understand that some would rather stick to the familiar rather than embrace something that would supposedly make their lives more difficult to live. Little wonder,  many choose to ignore that free gift called salvation.  What we do in essence is that we cheat them of God’s grace. What if such a person dies before he really does understands it all?

It’s true that if we repent we will be forgiven but think of someone who has seen you doing wrong and after repenting and praying in your closet you go out to minister to such a person.  He is left confused for by merely observing you, they can’t make head or tail of Christianity. No wonder the Bible has 1 Corinthians 8:9 and  1 Corinthians 10:23. Today as the Spirit made me to understand these things I couldn’t help but pray that God should help me and remove from me the lane crossing habits of life. So I do not make others stumble.

Life is indeed nothing but a race we run everyday and the race is certainly not to the swift. Only God makes the difference and it is His grace that guides us on the racetrack to keep us in our lane.

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The Waiter

Posted by Tomi on August 9, 2009

Have you ever noticed how fast the waiter in a restaurant responds to your signals? That’s because  it’s  his job to do just that! He’s being paid to wait on you that’s  why he’s called a waiter.  He’s there just to respond to your beck and call and do whatever you ask him to do. I wonder how many Christians could be said to be a waiter not for man but for God. 

God pays us everyday with His love and with His blessings.  He pays us by providing us our every need just so that we might wait on him.  That we might surrender ourselves as tools for his use, wait for his signals and respond to them yet what we do is to refuse to acknowledge or respond to him. How sad! 

How would your feel if you were to go into a restaurant and there was no waiter to wait on you? Not because there is none but probably because the only one available wants to watch TV or because he is at the bar dead drunk?  Think about it, how about if you’re  sure the waiter has seen your signal but he refuses to respond?  Yet, that is how many of us behave to God.  It most not only be sad but agonizing as well for God to see that his investments is sometimes wasted on you and me.

How would you feel if all your investments come to naught? No gains?  Or maybe you lost it all? If you have a stock account, think of how it’s performed over the last few months and how losing money made you feel and when you reflect on this, think also of how if would have made you feel if you had made more returns than your investment.

God’s investment on us needs to make returns, we must bring more souls into his kingdom of light.  If only we wait on him, he would direct us to where we would make the most impact with the gifts he has bestowed on us.  So what we need do is to make ourselves available to him and be a WAITER on his needs.

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The best move

Posted by Tomi on July 19, 2009

I’ve often wondered like I know a lot of others do, why when we pray for healing of a loved one who is facing a life threatening illness it doesn’t happen.  I’ve wondered why sometimes we pray for someone not to die yet they die. I’ve wondered why people die in the prime of their lives, I’ve wondered why babies die.  Recently, God made me to understand something about this seeming contrast to his faithful nature.

What would we have said if such a person who has been ill for a long time lives but remains a vegetable for the rest of his/her life?  What would we say if someone who has otherwise known God lives but turns his back on God? What would we say if a child lives but becomes the very source of sorrow to his or are parent either through sickness or becoming a criminal?

It seems in our sentimental state, we often overlook the fact that God knows best and He even knows all – He knows what will happen not only this minute or tomorrow but also in a thousand years time. No wonder he chooses to make the best move even when it doesn’t look to us as that – He’s still being faithful – faithful enough to make all things work for our good (Romans 8:28)

We should not invite God into any situation except we are ready for Him to take charge. The moment we invite Him in, He takes charge and turns things around in our favor.  Sometimes it seems like everything is going the wrong way, everything seems to be going in the exact opposite direction of what we think or believe they should go.  At times like this, we should trust in the God who said in Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”. 

God never does anything halfway- he’s a finisher (Philippians 1:6) and when He says for us to lay our cares and burdens at His feet and He means that,  we on our part need to LET GO in our thoughts and deeds remembering Isaiah 55:9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts”. We need to LET GOD believing that in all things, he will make the very BEST move as concerns us.

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Territorial Defense

Posted by Tomi on June 14, 2009

Years ago, back when I was in Nigeria, there was a time I saw the dogs from a street I was passing with my dog run out of their homes to attack my dog.  It looked so interesting to see them come out of their various homes the moment  they  heard a bark.  I wouldn’t know  for sure as I’ve never been a dog before  but I would like to think dogs in the same  street have their dialect like human ethnic groups do.  This would  explain  why dogs on the same street  gather together to attack other dogs not from that territory who does not understand their language I guess they believe he is a threat from whom they have to defend their territory. I say this because I’ve noticed that dogs on the same street are usually friendly towards each other and fight a newcomer together. I’ve seen them attack a newcomer on their street as if to test his worth only to incorporate him into their clique later on or keep him out of it forever much in the same way like we humans do.  

There’s this way dogs on the same street congregate at a spot to play around.  Usually, this is on the road.  Sometimes, they just lie down and keep each other company.  Sometimes it seems like they are playing tag and just chasing each other around in circles. However, no matter what they are doing, woe betide that strange dog who enters into their midst or walks by. I observed that, before the “homeowners” actually start” attacking, there’s always a warning growl to the “foreigner” which I’d like to believe is like a question, what’s your business around here? Then if the watchman does not receive a satisfactory answer, he would give another warning growl, to say “back off” and if the strange dog still would not budge, he starts to bark eventually summoning the others to join him in attacking the alien. I have watched in amazement a few times when a dog actually runs off, tails between it’s legs when it gets the warning growl. I have also seen my dog avoid streets where it had been attacked before but I have also seen my dog stand his ground and fight back especially if he felt I was threatened by the other dogs.

Anyway, on a particular day, my dog ran back home and I guess it was because he could see that he was outnumbered. He had followed me past that same street at other times when the dog owners had their dogs on the leash. He wasn’t afraid then and never had he run back home. But even I noticed that there were more dogs than normal on the street the day in question. Just to confirm my suspicions, I watched him carefully on other days.  I noticed subsequently, that anywhere we go and he was outnumbered, he would immediately return home to wait for me.  I call that being smart.

Here is what I have been able to deduce from that incident. As I reflected on it, I began to believe that it’s the same thing dogs do in their own territory that God and his angels do in their own territory.  I call this territorial defense.

I’d say God and His angles always surround each of His children (Psalm 91:11) and like the dogs growl a warning, to strangers, I can just imagine the angels telling the demons steer clear. I also imagine that anytime the devil comes around, their number (God and his angels) gives him a reason to go away. I especially believe this because of the story of Elisha (2 Kings 6:16-18). This is why the devil stays away as long as we are on the right with God for then the devil and is agents are outnumbered.    But this is the case only as long as we are on the right with God. 

The psalmist understood this perfectly and so he writes "though  I walk through the valley of  the shadow of death, I’ll fear no evil……" (Psalm 23:4). My guess, he understood that no strange thing (spirit, man or animal even situation can terrorize him because GOD AND HIS ANGELS ARE ON GUARD that is why he could boldly and confidently declare those words.

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By the riverside

Posted by Tomi on June 8, 2009

It was that period of the year when trees loose their leaves so you would understand my perplexity when one day during the last fall, I walked by a stream and noticed that along its banks the trees and grasses  were flourishing with green leaves and beautiful flowers.  I looked back behind me to understand why I thought this very strange and I noticed that away from the stream, other trees looked dead and lifeless. Not only were the grasses were dried, but  everywhere you walk,you would hear the crackling of dry leaves.  While I pondered on this I realized a few home truths.

It is a well know fact that tor any living thing, to grow, there must a steady supply and enough of the nutrients it requires for it’s growth.  The lesser access it has to these, the lesser its chances of growth and even if it does grow, its growth will be gradual or stunted.  Trees and grasses like any other living thing cannot exist without nutrients.  The nutrients needed for their sustenance happen to exist in their natural state in the atmosphere.  Usually, this nutrients dissolve and fall to the earth in rain water which in its turn seeps through the ground to the water table.   Where the water table breaks out of the ground, we find the water bodies  which are known to us as  streams, lakes, rivers etc.   In all these we find the minerals which provide nourishment  to plants although the most concentration is to be found in sea water because just like (Ecclesiastes 1:7)mentions all other water bodies run into the sea and when they do so they deposit a lot of these minerals giving it its salinity.

Trees and most Plants dig their roots deep into the ground so as to reach the water table and  get the nutrients they need.    A plant’s proximity to a water body determines the quantity of nutrient available to it.  Thus, plants near water bodies generally have a direct access from which to tap the much needed nutrient for their growth. This kind of explains the reason why there are fewer plants existing in the desserts where there is little or no water to give plants the required nutrients.  The only plants that can survive there are those plants that have roots deep enough to reach the underground water table.  

The  spiritual life can be likened to the above in which God is the river and source of nutrients.  The further one moves away from Him, the greater the chances of losing focus and straying.  Like a plant far away from its nutrients, a man that is far from God would become stunted in his growth.  Without digging roots deep, such a man would adapt to sin much like the cactus has learnt to withstand the desert . Moving further away from God, man is estranged from Him until he becomes a spiritual dessert and eventually his spirit dies from a lack of the necessary nutrients. But I’ll remind you that God  does not want the death of any man, He loves you no matter who or what you are, He created you. 

Just like the river supplies nutrients to all plants along its bank no matter its kind and no matter the origin of its seed, God makes provisions even for a transplanted plant.  No matter how far away from Him you’ve are or you have been, if you relocate and entrench you roots in Him so that He becomes your direct source of nourishment, He’ll make sure all you need to grow is available to you.  Even if you’re totally dried up, God can and will resuscitate one and all who  care to draw nearer to him (Revelation 21:6).   Those who would grow roots deep enough to tap their nutrients from him. This is because he loves everyone equally and dearly. 

As I write, I am reminded of the lyrics of Don Moen’s song “River of Life”.  If we are interested in getting all the nutrients we need to grow both Spiritually and physically (Philippians 4:19) it is imperative that we relocate to God’s Riverside.

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Let’s talk about dirt

Posted by Tomi on May 24, 2009

Yeah, what about dirt? Well, it’s spring time now! People in most homes  are opening  up the windows and dusting the whole house in the tradition called spring cleaning.  As we try to get rid of  the dust and cobwebs that had settled over the cold winter months, there’s no better time to talk about dirt. But then, what is dirt? 

You can say its the  dust that settles on the floor, shelves, books, anything and everything during those dry months.  Again, you can say it is all kinds of waste, garbage or rubbish contained in the waste basket. You can also say its the stuff that sticks  to your clothes and body oil which makes it necessary for you to wash your clothes and take a bath each day.  We even refer to things like rumors and gossip as dirt. Whatever you think or say dirt is however, one thing is certain, nobody wants to have it around him/her; yet dirt seems to be ever present. No matter how much we avoid dirt, it does seem to be unavoidable.

Looking at it from the human angle, we can say the existence of dirt is normal and natural.  Someone even told me it’s what makes the world go round and I guess this is true.    Some animals thrive on what we consider as garbage and for some people cleaning up dirt is a way of life.   If there’s no garbage, the sanitation man will have no work to do. In politics,  digging for the “dirt” of rumors, or gossips  on political opponents is considered a norm, which according to some prevents the race from getting boring.   But I can’t but wonder why the story of creation in the Bible (Genesis 1 and 2) made no mention of dirt.  Pondering this over in my mind and reading (Genesis 3), I came to understand that dirt is a consequence of the devil’s fall. 

When God created the earth, He created an organized world.  He created the world in such a way that man lacked nothing he needed.  However, in the quest for extras, man succumbed to the suggestions of the serpent and ate the forbidden apple. Unfortunately, in listening to the serpent and doing as he suggested, man fell into the devil’s trap.  What Adam and Eve did not know at the time was that the serpent was acting as an agent for Lucifer (a fallen angel).  Lucifer was already on a downward fall but he was seeking for man to join him in his journey thus as he fell, he stirred up dirt as in a whirlwind.  The dirt from Lucifer’s whirlwind blinded Adam to the truth. It clouded his mind so that while he listened to the serpent he forgot about God.  Hence through his interference with God’s order, the devil brought about dirt.  Man grew accustomed to its presence and we came depend on it for a living.   

By giving his son to die for our sin, God gave us the opportunity of a spring cleaning by His own hands. Can you believe it! God the creator does not want anyone to suffer the same fate as the devil so he gave his only son up and through him we are redeemed (John 3:16). The blood of Jesus cleanses us and washes the dirt away. When this happens, God creates a shelter  for that person which will keep him safe from the dirt (Psalm 91). 

Keep in mind that Lucifer (the devil) is still falling. He does not want to go to hell alone, so he  keeps turning and  tossing on his downward journey from heaven to hell in order to stir up much dirt as he possibly can.  The dirt continues to cling to whatever it can find to this day: hearts, reasoning, emotions and all, it is still blinding men to the real truth about God and His love for us. The really sad thing is that some people forsake God’s shelter and then get their eyes blinded by so much dirt that they just can’t see the way back home.

So as we clean up this spring and rid our homes of the dirt, let each sweep of the duster remind us that the challenge for those who have received that  spring cleaning from the hands of the creator Himself isn’t only to avoid running out of the shelter in search of extras but also to mount speakers on the rooftops of their shelter to help guide the  stray on his journey back home. Let’s put more efforts into helping  anyone seeking a shelter find their way rather than running out of the shelter seeking for extras.  

Yes! this spring, let’s talk about dirt and in so doing, help our fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends, let’s help everyone one we know get rid of dirt.

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Step by Step

Posted by Tomi on May 4, 2009

Back in college a few years ago, as we filed out of the lecture room on sunny day, I watched the girl ahead of me walk and wondered why humans when walking, had to take a leg at a time and  not the two simultaneously like the frog, the kangaroo and some other animals do.  For a change I tried walking with both legs at a time but the best I could do was jump and even with that, I was soon tired and had to resort back to the regular walk

Pondering on the issue, I realized taking two steps at a time or lifting our two legs simultaneously will cost us our balance especially if we try to do it in the same slow way that it takes to walk. On the other hand, if we had to jump instead of walking, we’ll indeed be lifting the two legs at the same time and we probably would be moving on faster for a while but to say the truth, we’ll tire ourselves out too quickly and very easily too.  Suddenly it occurred to me that God knew what he was doing when He made man and provided for him to take a step at a time.  Taking the two legs at the same time is just not the way for man.

At the same time, I began to understand why Christianity i.e. our walk with God is the way it is.  You can’t attain spiritual perfection in a day; it’s a step by step affair for you to balance up.  Really, it’s like a baby, it does take a while before a new born child grows up to become an adult. It takes a process and the process cannot be rushed. To be a sound Christian, you can’t jump ahead of where you’re supposed to be.  You can’t even take two steps together at the same time with a mind of getting there faster, it’s simply impossible!  You’ll fall flat on your back.  Low enough for the serpent to crawl on you.

We could also liken our walk with God to a march.  If you lift the left leg while others are lifting the right, you fall out of step.  If God wants you to take your right but you feel you must take the left, you also lose your balance, ’cause then, like in the march, you’ll be out of step. Correcting such errors takes time just like standing up after a fall does, so also you would need some resting time when tired.  Also, in the process of correcting errors, you’re could get uneasy just wondering if people notice your errors and condemn you. The time consumed correcting errors are times that we could use attain maturity or for missions. Think of it this way, how frustrating would it be for you to find out you could have used the time you spent sleeping making a million pounds?

With this revelation, I knew I had no choice but to do the right and proper thing at the right time. That means I also had to find out just what God wants me to do at any point in time so that I can do it when it ought to be done. This is the only way; I won’t fall out of step.  If you feel the same way, why not join me in saying this prayer – God, help me to discern your purpose and also to take the right step at the right time.  Amen.

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